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What is ERC-4337

ERC-4337(Account Abstraction via Entry Point Contract specification) is a specification that aims to use entry point contract to achieve account abstraction without changing the consensus layer protocol of Ethereum.

ERC-4337 is still in draft stage and not finalized yet. But since ERC-4337 will not change the consensus layer, there are already implementations available like OpenZeppelin and Stackup.

ERC-4337 defines some new rules, like introducing higher-layer pseudo-transaction object called UserOperation, use bundlers to package a set of these objects into a transaction for batch verification and execution, and introducing paymaster mechanism that can achieve decentralized gas fee payment sponsorship.

ERC-4337 compatibility

UniPass Wallet will be compatible with ERC-4337 and will facilitate the wider adoption and improvement of ERC-4337 with other wallet providers.