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User-friendly account

Design for Web2 users

We have developed a user-friendly, seedless, non-custodial smart contract account solution based on the adaptable UniPass Wallet architecture.

Users can skip setting a guardian when creating an account for the first time. The parameters can now be set as follows.

Master key60100
Register email6060
Guardian email50
Parameter details:
  • Register email, with the permissions Owner: 60 and Guardian: 50. The registered email of the user can be used to carry out Owner operations with the Master key or Guardian operations with other Guardians.

  • Master key, with the permissions Owner: 60 and Operator: 100. Users utilize this key for daily asset transfers and contract calls.

  • Guardian email, with the permissions Guardian: 50. The guardian email enables users to send emails via Register and Guardian email to start social recovery when the master key is lost to update the keys in the account.

In this case:

  • Master key + Register email, allows you to perform the owner action.
  • When the master key is lost:
    • The register email can start an account recovery with a time lock by sending an email to update the master key in the account.
    • If the Register email and Guardian email both start the account recovery can instantly update the Master key in the account without time lock.
    • More details >> Email Recovery