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Introduction of Plug & Play SDK

The Plug & Play SDK is a with-UI SDK based on the UniPass contract, where the with-UI refers to the UniPass Wallet.

UniPass Wallet is a user-friendly, non-custodial smart contract wallet with support for social recovery, built on top of the UniPass contract.

By integrating the Plug & Play SDK, developers can directly access the UniPass Wallet interface, guiding users to create and use smart contract wallets through email or Google third-party login (at this point, you can consider UniPass Wallet as a web-based smart contract wallet).

The Plug & Play SDK can provide the following features:

  • Creating and Using Smart Wallets:

    • Low barrier for users. Users can directly invoke the UniPass Wallet interface and create smart contract wallets through email or Google, Apple ID login.
    • Non-custodial smart wallets. Utilize MPC as the smart wallet management key and support social recovery through OpenID and DKIM emails.
    • Built-in Wallet UI. Provide Wallet asset display and transfer UI, with secure signing and transaction interfaces.
    • Special features based on smart wallets. Provide batch transactions, Gasless services, social recovery, and more.
  • Multi-Platform Integration:

    • Support for multiple platforms, including Web, Android, iOS, and React Native, suitable for different application environments.
    • Compatible with popular Wallet Connectors like Rainbow Kit, Web3 Onboard, Web3 React, and Web3 Modal, enabling rapid integration.

Pulg & Play SDKs

Web SDKs

Popup SDK

Mobile SDKs

Android SDK


React Native SDK

Wallet Connectors



Web3 Onboard

Web3 React V8

Web3 React V6

Web3 Modal V1



Chain HandlenodeRPC URL
Goerli (Ethereum testnet)
BSC testnet
Mumbai (Polygon testnet)
Robin (Rangers testnet)

Kindly avoid sending real crypto assets to the testnet address, because the testnet address of UniPass Wallet does not match the mainnet address registered to the same email or Google account.