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Quick Start

Popup-SDK is a javascript SDK for web-based applications. The basic UX will be just like MetaMask as there will be a popup window for users to inspect transactions and take actions.

npm install --save @unipasswallet/popup-sdk

Source Code


UniPass Wallet entry URL used by current demo:

History version

VersionBreaking changeLast updatedUpgrade Instructions
v1.1.82023.04.13login func add forceLogin param
v1.1.72023.04.04Ethereum Provider added support for kcc and avax
v1.1.62023.03.30Add support for kcc and avax
v1.1.52023.03.28Clear useless console log
v1.1.42023.03.03New feature:Added tips float window when popover is blocked, which can be used to open popover by clicking
v1.1.32023.03.01Remove dependency of buffer^6.0.3
v1.1.22023.02.24logout func add deep param, if deep is true, UniPass Wallet will logout too
v1.1.12023.02.14support arbitrum network
v1.1.02023.02.13add rpcUrls config for ethereum-provider
v1.0.22023.02.06login func add authorize param, for sign with ethereum
v1.0.12023.02.01support standard SDKs
v0.0.112022.12.16add storageType in initial config
v0.0.102022.12.14add signTypedData(EIP712) and isValidTypedSignature
v0.0.92022.11.25Optimize parameters for SDK initialization, remove unnecessary parameters
v0.0.82022.11.18Fixed the issue where transactions could not be sent after logging in (error: can not authorize without login)
v0.0.7Breaking change2022.11.15Support Google login. Add the optional function of connect to return email. Add a prefix in signMessage
v0.0.12022.10.09Connect / Transfer / Sign Message & Verify
v0.0.42022.10.14optional param ‘account’ for method ‘isValidSignature’