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Sign Message and Verify

Type definitions:

enum class SignType(val value: String) {


data class SignInput (
val from: String,
val type: SignType,
val msg: String

class SignOutput: BaseOutput(OutputType.SignMessage) {
val signature: String? = null

Code sample

// Ensure that the user is authorized to log in
if (unipassInstance.isLogin()) {
var signInput = SignInput(unipassInstance.getAddress(), SignType.PersonalSign, "message to be signed")
unipassInstance.signMessage(signInput, object : UnipassCallBack<SignOutput> {
override fun success(output: SignOutput?) {
Log.d("Unipass Sign Message", "success")
override fun failure(error: Exception) {
Log.d("Unipass Sign Message", error.message ?: "Something went wrong")