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Sign Message and Verify

Sign message

Use UniPass Wallet to sign the specified message, which can be done by calling signMessage. There are two message signature methods, PersonalSign and SignTypedData

Definition of signature function

public enum UniPassSignType: String {
case PersonalSign
case SignTypedData

public class UniPassSignInput: NSObject {
public var from: String = ""
public var type: UniPassSignType = .PersonalSign
public var msg: String = ""

Code sample

// Ensure that the user is authorized to log in
if let userInfo = unipassSdk?.getUserInfo() {
let signInput = UniPassSignInput()
signInput.from = userInfo.address
signInput.type = UniPassSignType.PersonalSign
signInput.msg = signTextField?.text ?? "Test Sign Message"

unipassSdk?.signMessage(signInput, SuccessBlock: { signature in
print("unipassSdk: sign message successfully ✅", signature)
self.signatureLabel?.text = signature
}, ErrorBlock: { error in
print("unipassSdk: sign message failed ❎", error)
} else {
print("unipassSdk: user not login ❎")

Verify signature

For how to verify the signature on server, please refer to UniPass Verifying Messages.