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  1. Create a Widget Blueprint

build a Widget Blueprint

  1. Initialize UnipassSDK create a Init function in the Widget Blueprint, and then complete its parameters.

    • Default Browser Widget: it can be set to W_ExecuteWebBrowser of UniPass SDK. If you want to use your customized WebBrowser Blueprint, it must follow the structure of W_ExecuteWebBrowser
    • In Development: UniPass SDK environment, it can be set to testnet or mainnet.
    • In Chain Type: Blockchain name, it can be set to polygon, eth, bsc or rangers.
    • In App Name: Application name,it will be shown in Unipass Wallet pages.
    • In App Icon: Application Logo url, In order to make it shown in UniPass Wallet pages correctly, the application logo should remove the cross domain restriction for UniPass domains.

initialize UniPass SDK